What’s up guys welcome to the life of the one froth we’re back? We’re gonna make a little recap of this season. I mean it’s been one of the craziest seasons. Ever I served the biggest waves of my life. I mean this season. I surfed more big waves than the last couple years, really … Ler mais

WSL Celebrates International Women’s Day 2022

International women’s day falls in our neopro waiting period here in portugal and for international women’s day this year we got to pick the last name of someone who’s inspired us in sport history. The person I picked for international women’s day is andrea, vargas, andrea vargas. One of the athletes that I traveled to … Ler mais

Meet Championship Tour Surfer Filipe Toledo

Foreign, I grew up in batuba, sao paulo really famous for good waves, a lot of beaches around like more than 110 spots for surfing and my dad used to be a professional surfer. He won three titles in brazil. He put me on the surfboard. He was surfing with me with 10 months old. … Ler mais

3 reasons you need a MID-LENGTH SURFBOARD

Surfboard designs and trends seem to run through fashion style cycles in which the everyday consumer you and me unknowingly, find ourselves swept up. What I’m enjoying about the last 12 months, though, is that practicality has been a large driver behind the alternative crust dominating the market. At the moment, namely, people are switching … Ler mais


Surf skating has taken off in the last few years as one of the primary on land training methods for surfers to improve their on-wave performance without the restrictions of waiting for a wave and lucking into the right position to catch it surfers can now practice maneuvers speed, pumping and much more on the … Ler mais

Which Surf Skate Should You Buy? 4 Factors To Consider

In episode, 2 of how to surfskate like a pro we’re helping you pick the best surfskate, the world of surfskates, has opened up the doorway for the fastest surfing progression ever, but navigating it and learning how to choose. The right board is always going to be a challenge not dissimilar to selecting the … Ler mais

2 SURF SKATE SKILLS YOU NEED TO KNOW | Intermediate Manoeuvres #3

Surf skating is one of the greatest ways to improve your surfing on land without having to spend your time waiting and catching waves. The productivity of a session on the concrete can even outmatch an average surfing session in the waves from a progression point of view. In episode, one and two of how … Ler mais

SURF SKATE TUTORIAL | tail slide and do re-entries

Re-entries are a really exciting part of surfing to explore, but there’s a big difference between doing them at an intermediate level and an advanced level. Today I want to finish off our how to surfskate, like a pro series practicing re-entries on sloped surfaces, it’s a little bit more difficult than how we’ve been … Ler mais

Perfect Summer Slabs | POV Surfing + More

Summer’s always a weird time for me, I find it hard to properly switch off from the grind trying to be creative, also building in the business coaching filming I don’t like not being productive. Sometimes though, the most productive thing to do is to do nothing to just sit and be for a bit, … Ler mais

How To Avoid Shark Attacks Whilst Surfing | Ocean Guardian Review

Whenever you’re surfing over here in the west, there’s always like those little moments where you kind of look down beneath you, I don’t think I’ve ever had a session where I’ve not done that and just sort of checked my surroundings, for I guess the many grey suits they call them today, though, we … Ler mais