12 MINUTE SURFING WORK OUT | follow along with Kale Brock

Hey, what’s up guys, it’s kale brock. Here, I’m a surfer and a filmmaker, I’m also an exercise coach and today I want to run through a really simple surf focus, workout with only a couple of different movements, and you only need a tiny little bit of gear. Okay, let’s first cover those movements, … Ler mais

I Quit Society To Surf Full Time

Um milk pouring in the jug oops yeah I’ll, be um I’ll, be at gas in like two minutes so I’ll. Let you know all right see ya thanks. Well, everyone’s frightened, it’s pumping at the moment, I’m not too sure about a lot of things. The world seems to be moving in a darker … Ler mais

Marcus Hamil – Meditation and what the world needs

My name is miss laidlaw I’m, a holistic exercise and lifestyle. Folks in sydney’s, northern beaches I’ve created a video platform because I’d love to reach as many people as possible with these twin four messages. I’ve also interviewed a host of individuals for their communities in their lives and in their own way. They’ve … Ler mais

The Perfect Morning Movement Routine – Part 3

Hello, I’m, nick, laidlaw I, hope you’ve been enjoying the morning primer series. It’s good good way to get your body open, good way to expand yourself. Our first thing in the morning is always lovely to get yourself moving. If you can do this outdoors, even better, if your time doesn’t avail until just … Ler mais

The Perfect Surfing Warm Up

I’m nick laidlaw from balance studio and this morning for our movement we’re going to be doing what I call a surf specific warm-up. So this is something that I give to a lot of my students who do programs and and take home programs without me being there, which is what I highly encourage, … Ler mais

Energy Building Series – ‘HOW TO BUILD ENERGY’ – Part 1

Hello, I’m nick laidlaw from balance studio and today we’re going to be doing an energy building series so over the next four videos. What I’d like to share with you are some tools and techniques that have genuinely helped me over the years in times where I’ve needed to either conserve energy, build energy … Ler mais

15 Minute Flow Series – Part 1

Hello, I am nick laidlaw welcome to this four-part movement series. These are called 15-minute flows, so they’re going to be really good for you to do at the start of the day if you’ve got a break in the middle of the day or to bring your day back down to a grounded pace, … Ler mais

15 Minute Flow Series – Part 2

Welcome back, we are now at our part, two of our 15 minute flows. So the first series which you can check back if you have haven’t already it’s just an introduction to get the upper and lower body integrated to get the system really breathing was. It was a big focus focus of mine … Ler mais

15 Minute Flows – Part 3 Circles & Waves

Hello and welcome to our 15-minute flow series, so we’re up to part three now. The first part was just to prime the whole system and just get the body back into the game of just entering and exiting the floor. Compressing expanding but mostly getting the body breathing part two is integrating uh and … Ler mais