Meet Championship Tour Surfer Filipe Toledo

Foreign, I grew up in batuba, sao paulo really famous for good waves, a lot of beaches around like more than 110 spots for surfing and my dad used to be a professional surfer. He won three titles in brazil. He put me on the surfboard. He was surfing with me with 10 months old. Of course we were really small, just tiny waves and everyone was always involved and we grew up super close to family and then with uh 15 years old.

I won my first professional event and I was like okay. I guess now I want to be a professional surfer. I want to be like on the world tour. I wanted this for a living. It was that day that everything clicked to me and I became a professional surfer and then me and my family, we talked and we decided to move to san clemente. Of course it was for my career, my sport. We moved here thinking as a family. You know as an opportunity for everyone. So right now I have a family of two kids. Uh mahina is gonna, be six in a few months and koa uh is gonna, be four in a few months. I love hanging here super chill. You know, after a year of a lot of contests, a lot of adrenaline and so much going on. When I come back here, it’s kind of mellow super quiet. My strengths are for competing, I guess like really surfing the wave and being in the now like really connect to the ocean.

I guess that’s something that I have it. That’s really strong and, like literally there’s, nothing different from doing a free surfing, 30 minutes. You know I kind of like what people talk about it right now. You know, like all the fastest surfer, you know like the unpredictable guy. You know I kind of like that and then that’s something that I know that people won’t forget for a long time. I guess the air game and the modern. You know like kind of turns and that’s what I I want people to remember. You know being a professional, it’s not easy, but you can actually do it

and to never really forget about your dreams or leave our dreams behind