Which Surf Skate Should You Buy? 4 Factors To Consider

In episode, 2 of how to surfskate like a pro we’re helping you pick the best surfskate, the world of surfskates, has opened up the doorway for the fastest surfing progression ever, but navigating it and learning how to choose. The right board is always going to be a challenge not dissimilar to selecting the perfect surfboard, so today, let’s run through how to do it. This video is brought to you by the ultimate surfscape program. It’s my best-selling online course teaching you how to surfskate like a pro in a structured online program, download training, pdfs and get exclusive lectures from me over at thesurfersroadmap.com. Now I get messages from you guys, almost every single day over on instagram asking me about which surfskate setup to choose now I’m going to apologize in advance because I can’t always get back to everybody so today I want to cover that video topic for you now.

I’m really excited because I partnered up with smooth staff for today’s video and we’re going to give away one of these epic surfskates to find out how you’ll have to watch till the end. Importantly, I’m not going to be focusing here on aesthetics, only I’m here to improve my surfing and if you are as well then you’re watching the right video. Now, here’s what we need to consider when it comes to choosing the best surfskate number one, your height number, two, your weight, number, three, your goals and, of course, your current ability level. Your height. This is not typically discussed in surfing or in skating, but it actually has a pretty significant impact on the length of board that you need.

That’s, because your height has a direct impact on how wide your surf stance is. Generally speaking, if you’re taller you’ll have a wider surf stance because you’ve got longer legs, your surf stance naturally will be about shoulder width apart, so your feet will actually rest on the board about shoulder width apart or just a slightly uh a bit further than that. So using that calculation, if I was to try and jump on the little hammer head here, the surfskate that’s built for grommets at 26 inches. That would be an inappropriately sized board, because my natural surf stunts would see my foot either extending off the end of the board or extending off the back, and I may have to compromise that and as we know when we have to bring our feet too close together in in surfing or in any sort of balance sport, we tend to compromise balance because we can’t lower our center of gravity as effectively, so that’s obviously going to be a big no-no for me, this board here, which is the toledo it looks incredible. I love the look of this board. This one here is a 34 inch, so this one for me would be maybe one or two inches

long, but it’s still something that I could probably ride, and it would actually end up being, I think, quite a good training tool for me to ride that bigger board because it would take more effort to turn which would translate quite well into surfing. There obviously is a limit there, though, if I was to choose something like the manta ray, which comes in 36, inches and and even more, then. That would probably be too big of a jump to be able to train effectively on now. If I jumped over here to this board, which is the flying fish, this one here at 32 inches, would be a pretty good board for me and would translate quite well over to my surfing, particularly if I’m practicing my short board or fish surfing that I’m trying to improve this one over here, potentially my performance, shortboard or even a long board. If you think about how weight impacts surfing it mainly has to do with buoyancy and control.

Buoyancy would be measured by volume in a surfboard, however, because we don’t have to worry about buoyancy on our surfskates, which we ride on the concrete. Our main concern is going to be control. How do we achieve control on surfskates with the wheels which essentially act like the fins on our surfboard by utilizing different wheel sizes? We can impact the amount of control that we can have over the surfskate simply put the more contact the wheel has with the concrete. The grippier it will be so, if you’re a heavy person transferring a lot of force through the board, you’ll naturally want bigger wheels to handle the pressure so this manta ray here at 36, inches with large wheels, is going to be appropriate for that bigger surfer or the the heavier surfer. If you’re a lighter person, then you could go with something else. You could go with these smaller setups and still get a nicer or effective purchase against the concrete, and it can also be a strategic move. So, for instance, here on the flying fish, I’ve got small wheels on the front and mediums on the back. What I could do is actually switch those up and and thus reduce the grip on the back of the board to find a looser performing product.

So if I’m interested in doing sort of tail sides and rotational maneuvers, perhaps I’m practicing my fin throws and re-entries that can actually help me do that. I can get a nice purchase on the front with the mediums on the front and then have a looser back end to be able to sort of throw it out. There’s really a lot you can do with with changing up the wheel setups. Similarly, if you are skating on rougher surfaces, so you’ve got a road. That’s not really super nice and smooth, you can actually use a bigger wheel setup just to find that grip that you need our third factor, your goals. What do you want to get out of your surf skating if it’s greater surfing ability, like the 3 000 students in my ultimate surfskate program, then you’ll want a board that really mimics the movements of surfing like the smooth star, if you’re just into instagram reels, which have no meaning or translation into the waves, then you might be able to get away with a stiff, longboard or a regular skateboard. To me, the definition of surfskate is a board that rides as if you’re surfing the street long boards and stuff some people use. I would just consider cruisers used to get you from a to b and finally, we need to talk about your ability level.

If you’re already an epic skater, you might be an epic surfer, then you can get away with some pretty radical settings on your surf skates. You can have super loose trucks and you can even experiment with small wheels and even a small board just for fun. But if you are a beginner like a lot of the surfers that I coach initially start off on the surf skates as beginners, then a more conservative setup generally suits best. So that means we want to tighten the trucks we want to have some nice thick strong wheels. So, generally, the mediums just to make sure that they’re getting a nice grip against the ground and that’s generally the safest way to approach as you get better along your surfskate journey and as you progress, you can progressively loosen your trucks and then start to experiment from there, in summary, when choosing a surfskate, you want to consider these main things.

Your height taller people have longer legs and need bigger decks. Your weight heavier people may consider bigger wheels for extra grip and longevity. Your goals want to surf better grab a surf specific surfskate like a smooth star and your ability level tight trucks for beginners and loosen them as your abilities. Progress thanks for joining us for episode, 2 of how to surfskate, like a pro in the next episode.

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So much for tuning in I’ll see you guys soon