WSL Celebrates International Women’s Day 2022

International women’s day falls in our neopro waiting period here in portugal and for international women’s day this year we got to pick the last name of someone who’s inspired us in sport history. The person I picked for international women’s day is andrea, vargas, andrea vargas. One of the athletes that I traveled to olympics to and she’s an incredible hurdler, an amazing mom and she just represents women in costa rica. So well, I picked lisa anderson as uh. My inspiration and I haven’t told her. I don’t know whether she knows I didn’t ask her. Maybe I should have asked her but um. I wanted to surprise her and honor the work that she’s done at surfing. All the world. Titles she’s won lisa love. You tell us about this. Lady here billie jean king, is such an iconic tennis player, but she’s fought so hard for women’s sports, equal prize money, and I just feel like she’s, a really incredible representation of women in sport.

I decided to represent nomi osaka, there’s so much criticism and so much outside noise that it’s hard to be yourself, and I respect her a lot for being so pure I pick sue bird from social issues to fighting for racial justice and human rights and equality. If I ever got to meet michelle khan, I would say thank you for inspiring millions of young women around the world. It’s special that we got to connect in the olympics to have that friendship, the power of wanting to represent our country in the best way possible, win titles and be the best in the world. It’s an incredible initiative that wsl is doing to really highlight women. It’s all about lifting each other up